Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm Done Waffling Over Waffles

I recently returned from a wonderful vacation in Greece. I stayed on the island of Serifos which is located among a group of islands in the Cyclades. I believe this to be the most beautiful place on Earth. I enjoyed eating the local fare, i.e. every restaurant's version of Moussaka, Greek salad, Mythos, my new favorite beer, Greek yogurt with honey and waffles. I found waffles everywhere I went: waffles to go, waffles with ice cream, marmalade and honey and nuts.
Before this trip, I wasn't a huge fan of waffles and I think I know why. I've only ever eaten frozen waffles from my local grocer's freezer, usually half toasted and devouring while running to the train. Now that I've experienced real waffles, light, crispy and delicious waffles, I am their biggest fan!

I will be attempting to make these tasty waffles in the next few weeks. Currently, I'm exploring waffle maker options, there are so many to choose from. While I'm experimenting with recipes, I hope these photos will tide you over until then. Enjoy!

Y~ squarebakery