Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gingerbread Library

My husband, his co-workers and I entered a local gingerbread contest and built a small-scale version of the Harold Washington Library. We thought Chicago’s iconic Harold Washington Library was a prime example to be translated into an enchanting gingerbread creation.

Sweet details like mouthwatering candies-supplied by Chicago’s Farley and Sathers Candy Company; piped greenery in the window boxes and patina-frosted cookies shaped into gargoyles lend some realistic charm to the rooftop d├ęcor. The sidewalks are decorated with snow-white chocolate and are illuminated by Jujyfruit lanterns, but the warmest light emits from the caramelized-syrup windows, which make this sugar fantasy become a reality.

These details helped our team take first prize last Thursday evening! The event, held at Room & Board Chicago, benefited the restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple.